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Vancouver Spring Show: Food Vendors

If you would like to hand out samples at the show, you MUST have a temporary handwash station and a spray bottle of disinfectant at your booth. In order to minimize direct food handling at the show, please portion and pack your samples before the show.

Here’s a great diagram for setting up a temporary handwashing station:

You can use the utility sink in the exhibitor lounge to fill your water container.

If you are unsure about any of the VCH regulations, please check their Guideline for Sale of Foods at Temporary Markets for clarification.

The Environmental Health Officer needs to inspect our food vendor booths at the start of the show; food vendors must arrive at the PNE Forum at 9:30 a.m. on Friday to be present for inspection.

Food sellers requiring any small appliance (kettle, mini fridge, etc) MUST purchase a power upgrade for their booth. If you need additional power and haven’t already purchased it, please purchase it here.

If you intend to offer samples at the show, you must submit a Temporary Food Services Application. You can download a copy with the show information already included here. Please submit your complete form to hello@makeitshow.ca before February 15th.