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Vancouver Spring Show: Floor Plan, Load-in Procedure, and Venue Information

Load-in and Set-up Procedures

When you arrive to set up on Thursday, April 20th, enter the PNE grounds through Gate 2 on Renfrew (see map below). Turn right into Lot 1, park your vehicle, and walk down the loading ramp into the Forum. Check in at the loading ramp with Brigitte or Jenna. We’ll give you directions to your booth and a rad Makie exhibitor badge! If you need a couple of extra badges for staffers just let us know.

Check in is from noon to six p.m. The designated times are for load-in only; you can take as long as you like to set up your booth, as long as you’re done by 8:00 p.m. If you can’t come during your designated time slot, it’s not the end of the world, but please let us know ASAP! There will be no set up time on Friday morning, so make sure you complete everything on Thursday.

Booths 101-319: 12:00-1:30
Booths 401-620:   1:30-3:00
Booths 701-1204:   3:00-4:30
Booths 1301-1915:   4:30-6:00

You can find your booth number and the floor plan at the bottom of this page.

For the safety reasons children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the hall during set up or tear down. This includes babies in strollers or carriers. If you are travelling from out of town and have your kids with you, please make sure you arrange childcare in advance. You may use the exhibitor lounge for this purpose, but you must not leave your children in the lounge unattended; an adult must supervise your kids at all times. 

The load-in schedule will be released soon, with the floor plan.

When you arrive at the PNE Forum for set-up, you may park in Lot 1 at the West side of the building to unload, but you must move your vehicle immediately once it is unloaded -the parking lot is small, and we have lots of Makies who need to get their goods into the building! More parking is available on the East side of the building. PNE parking is free on Thursday during set-up.

We will have a number of dollies available to help you unload your vehicle, but if you have a dolly of your own we recommend you bring it to speed up the process.

Accessing the Venue

Please use the exhibitor entrance to access the venue before or after show hours. You will need to present your Makie button to the security guard in order to enter the venue; if you lose your button, please obtain a new one from Jenna or Brigitte. Please do not pressure the venue to admit you without your Makie credentials -their job is to keep unauthorized people (ie anyone without a button) out of the building in order to keep all of us (and everyone's products!) safe.

You may access the hall one hour before the show opens each day, and come in and out for one hour after the show closes. If you need to access the hall outside of those hours, please let us know so that we can make the proper arrangements with the security team.

Staff Access

You can pick up extra Makie badges for your staffers when you check in on Wednesday. Your staff can access the venue with their Makie badges through the exhibitor entrance one hour before and after the show each day, or through the regular show entrance during show hours.

Floor Plan

You can download a PDF of the floor plan here. Please don't share the exhibitor copy of the floor plan on social media; a prettier one will be provided for sharing soon.


Company Name Booth #
4 Paws Pure 116
Abeego 316
Adornation 704
Agnes in August 403
Allison Tremain 302
Alumination 106
Amara Blue Designs 418
Amberlie Perkin Artworks 1914
Amy Tom 716
Art + Soul Creative Co. 405
Art of JPH 205
Artisan's Way Organics 1909
Artist K.Treber 212
Auntie Jean's Fudge 1906
Ay Lelum - The Good House of Design 111
Barrelhouse Brine 1908
BESOREAL Fashions 113
Beth and Olivia Handmade 319
Beton Brut 604
Big Bear + The Wolf 312
Bitter Melon Bindery 618
Black Candle Supply Co. 1504
Blackford Design 104
Blooms And Paper 512
Blossom and Sprout Growth Charts 605
Blyss By Laura 602
BobAli 1903
Bohemian Badass 607
Brok Boys 801
Burnish Designs 217
CallaLife Box 616
Carli Sita Fine Jewelry 611
CASE Boutique 313
Catherine Soucy 308
Charleston & Harlow 706
Chateau Badeau Maison du Savon 204
Cliff Nietvelt Photograhy 102
Coal and Canary Candle Company 1913
Coconama 1002
Craftedvan 1911
Cut Threads 108
Dancing Leaf Design 214
De Almeida Designs 310
debVdesigns 815
Decor by Nature 419
Devi Arts Collective 620
Dig Leather Co. 1915
Dish Fine Handmade Pottery 402
Dragon Mist Distillery 901
DW Smith Woodworking 612
East Van Light 303
Ebony + Sparrow 1503
Elaine Brewer-White Ceramics 1803
Elena Designs 107
Elena Markelova 708
EM'SAY 306
Emz & Co. 617
Enchanted Decora 812
Far Sky Map Works 1801
Five Corners 507
Forbidden Fruit Winery 1907
Forest Garden Soap & Sundry 417
French Made Baking 1304
Gemspell Jewellery 315
Give A Little Giggle 218
Glitter & Spice 1501
Goodmallows 1902
Gracious Gowns and Gifts 509
Growing Fresh 1904
Hau'oli Apparel 1912
Henna By Arneet 517
Honey Canada Natural Craft 610
Howling Dog Artisan Jewellery 301
Hug + Kiss Designs Inc. 202
Illo Leather 318
Irit Sorokin 505
Jack & Audrey's 719
Jax & Lennon Co 515
Jen Ellis Designs 609
jrstudioworks 411
Jules + Kent Food Group 902
Juliet925 311
Jumping Creek Pottery 1910
Kania 807
Kat Cadegan Jewellery 1601
KatznDahl 406
Kawaiiboku 809
Kiln 9 Ceramics 715
Knotty Linda 806
Kuseno Comfort Products 105
Later Supply Co 420
Laughing Sparrow 720
Le Fil Rouge Textiles 112
Leanne Spanza's Art 502
Lennard Taylor Design Studio 811
Leo Lebel 401
Lilise 1203
Limited Addition 114
Loot Toy Company 215
Love at First Blush 710
Lucy Designs 709
Luli Designs 615
Mackenzie Jones Designs Inc 219
Maples Sugar Shack 1003
Marbled Studio 304
MerSea Studio 1703
Misheo 404
Mistura Timepieces 506
Modern Baby 201
Mountain Path Pottery 413
MOWA 703
Muddy Marvels Pottery 510
My Cheeky Baby Inc. 1603
MysGreen 117
NaturaPure 1702
Neon Peach Papery 412
Nomad by Elroy 601
Oh La La Cosmetics 519
Old Order Distilling Co. 1102
Ole Originals 701
Om Organics 109
Out Designs 520
Pacific North West Prints 1502
Pawllar Collars 613
Peregrine Supply Co. 213
Pickle Punch 210
Piknic Designs 810
Piton Pottery 705
Pukalily 508
Pure Living Enthusiast 1802
Ragnar the Trader 110
Rainwater Candle Co. 209
Raven's Rest Studio 211
RAW eco jewellery 1505
Rawry & Pohly Art 1602
Re-T Upcycled Goodies 814
Reclaimed Print Co. 816
Reminded Designs 103
Retro Repurposed 101
Riding the Pine 410
Sabina Wong 207
Sable Shortbread Company Ltd. 1001
Salt & Snow 503
Salt Spring Artisan Vinegar 1905
Sand & Silver 714
Sarah Mulder Jewelry 808
Scentimental Creations 309
Sealuxe 707
Seed 803
Simply Delish Soup & Salad 903
Skog 702
Slate Jewelry 511
Spark & Stone 115
Splat And Co 504
Stitches Of Green 203
Stone Art Gardens 813
Sweet Thea Cakes 1901
Tara Blown Glass 518
Tessa Manu Photography 718
The Brown Elephant Furniture Co. 206
The Crow's Nest Art Studio 711
The Design Den 802
The Hive Candles 416
The Hive Printing 208
The Lemon Square 1201
The Local Churn 1103
The Magpie's Nest 409
The Neighbourhood Unit 619
The Nut Merchant 1301
The Old Island Stamp Co 606
The Salt Dispensary 1202
The Shepherd's Pillow 407
The Slug and Kraken 717
The Word on Nature 513
The X-tails 415
Thirsty Whale Elixirs 1101
Tien Neo Eamas 501
Tout de Sweet 1302
Tracey Tomtene 804
Trudy Ann's Chai & Spices 1204
Two Blooms Design Studio 713
Venus & Mars 805
Verena Strigler 307
Vilaine & Vilain 305
Wanderlust & Faeriedust 317
Watershed Wax Co. 514
West Coast Beads 414
West Coast Fence Art Inc 408
West of the 4th Weaving 314
Wild Textiles 603
Wilde and Sparrow 516
Winter Woolies Shop 712
Yookyoung Yong Ceramics 1701
Your Bag of Holding 614
Zen Organics 1303