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Vancouver Holiday Show: Food Vendors

Makies serving/sampling any food or drink at all are required to set up a temporary handwash station in their booth. It's a cheap and easy thing to do, and we look at it as an indicator of how seriously we all take the health and well-being of show attendees. Preference will be given to Makies who have demonstrated a similar commitment to public safety when we jury applications to future shows. In order to minimize direct food handling at the show, please portion and pack your samples before the show.

Here’s a great diagram for setting up a temporary handwashing station:

You can use the utility sink in the exhibitor lounge to fill your water container.

VCH Temporary Food Services Application Forms:

A copy of the TFSA form with the show information already filled is available here. If you intend to offer samples at the show, please email your completed form to hello@makeitshow.ca before September 15th, 2017. If you do not intend to offer samples, you don't need to complete the form.

If you are unsure about any of the VCH regulations, please check their Guideline for Sale of Foods at Temporary Markets for clarification.

The Environmental Health Officer needs to inspect our food vendor booths at the start of the show; food vendors must arrive at the PNE Forum at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday to be present for inspection.

Additional Power:

Your booth comes with 1500W of power, but it's only on during show hours. If you need 24-hour power, please order it from the show equipment suppliersPDF here, or their online ordering system at www.goodkey.com (show code Mi12071017). If you don't already have a Goodkey user account, please see the Booth Design section of this guide for instructions.