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Edmonton Holiday Show: Edmonton Business License Requirements

The City of Edmonton requires that craft market vendors who don't already have an Edmonton business license obtain a Travelling or Temporary Sales license. The cost of an annual license is $225; a three day license is $51. The City of Edmonton is granting special allowance to Makies doing the 4-day show in November, and allowing you to acquire the $51 license instead of the annual one.

If you need to apply for a travelling/temporary business license, please download the application form here, complete it, and send it to the city (contact info is on the form).

Please do not send your applications to Team Make It.

NB: The travelling/temporary sales business license is not the same as the City of Edmonton's vendor license. You are not required to have a vendor license, as Make It obtains one for the entire show.

If you have any questions about the city's licensing requirements, please email 311@edmonton.ca.