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Calgary Spring Show: Shipping and Accommodations


Unfortunately, the Big Four does not accommodate advance shipping. Please do not ship your goods directly to the venue in advance of the show; make sure your cartage company can provide storage in advance of the show, and deliver your goods on April 5th. Receivership and materials handling will be looked after by Make It only on items received on April 5th; any materials handling or forklifting that needs to be done after the 5th will need to be arranged with the equipment supplier by you directly.

Your items must be shipped out after the show wraps on Sunday night. Materials handling and forklifting will be provided by Make It. Please confirm with your shipping company that they will be picking up your pallet on Sunday night, as the venue will not store it for you. 

Due to the small numbers of Makies who ship with commercial freight companies, we do not have an official show carrier this year. However, we recommend you use YRC Freight, who are experienced dealing with trade shows. YRC also offers 30 days free warehousing before each trade show which ensures your product is delivered on time and is great for those doing multiple shows.
To book with YRC Freight, call their Customer Service Centre at 800-610-6500 for a custom quote. Please ensure you specify the following:
  • You are shipping for a trade show.
  • Delivery time must be on April 5th.
  • Pick up must be on Sunday night April 9th.
  • There is no dock available at the venue; a truck with a tailgate lift is required.


Make It! The Handmade Revolution
April 7-9
Big Four Building, Hall A
Makie business name, booth #
1801 Big Four Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2W1


You are welcome to use any carrier you like to ship your goods to the show. Please advise them that the window for receivership is Wednesday, April 5 and that they must pick up your items on Sunday after the show closes.

Our show contractor (GES) is also able to assist you with advance shipping, and will warehouse your goods and transport them to the show for you (more info coming soon).

Some Makies prefer to ship their goods via Greyhound, and then rent a vehicle once they arrive in town and pick their items up themselves from Greyhound. It's less convenient than shipping directly to the show, but often more affordable.


Once you have unpacked your pallet, you may store it in the area marked "pallet storage" on the floor plan in the exhibitor guide. Please write your name on your pallet so that everyone knows who it belongs to make sure it is still there for you on Sunday when you need it.


Lots of Makies choose to book places to stay through AirBnB. Use this link to sign up for AirBnB, and get a $50 credit to use on your booking!

Another option is Hotel Arts, which is just a few blocks from Stampede Park, and is offering a special rate for Makies from Thursday to Sunday:

Luxury Rooms: $ 129.00
Luxury Suites: $ 159.00
Additional Guest: $+30.00
If you need to arrive on Wednesday (we know most of you don't), the rate is $189/room or $219/suite, plus $30 per additional guest.
Room rates are based on single/double occupancy. Hotel Arts is also offering free wifi in guest rooms and complimentary telephone access on local, 800 and credit card calls.
Reservations can be made individually through the Hotel’s Reservation Department by calling 1-800-661-9378 and quoting Make it! Calgary or through this online reservation link. Book by March 17, 2017, to get the special rate.