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Edmonton Spring Show: Food Vendors

There is no catering kitchen at the Expo Centre for prepping samples or cleaning dishes and utensils.

Makies serving/sampling any food or drink at all are required to set up a temporary handwash station in their booth. It's a cheap and easy thing to do, and we look at it as an indicator of how seriously we all take the health and well-being of show attendees. Preference will be given to Makies who have demonstrated a similar commitment to public safety when we jury applications to future shows.

Here are the AHS guidelines for setting up a temporary handwashing station:


The Environmental Health Officer needs to inspect our food vendor booths at the start of the show. Therefore food vendors must be at their booths at 10:00 a.m. on Friday to be present for inspection.

Food sellers requiring any small appliance (kettle, mini fridge, etc) MUST purchase a power upgrade for their booth. If you need additional power and haven't already purchased it, you may purchase some directly from the show's electrical supplier (link coming soon).

AHS Special Event Vendor Notification Forms:

You can download a copy of the SEVN form with the show information already filled in here. Please email your completed form the hello@makeitshow.ca before February 10, 2017.

Northlands Requirements:

Please submit this form and your Certificate of Insurance to hello@makeitshow.ca before February 10, 2017.

A Northlands representative will visit the food booths at the start of the show; please do not be surprised if he stops by to chat with you. Northlands requests that samples remain within a 2 oz portion size, and that any items that are similar to what is being sold by the Northland concessions be priced similarly to the Northlands pricing.