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Edmonton Holiday Show: Floor Plan, Load-in Procedure, and Venue Information

Load-in and Set-up Procedures

Check in is from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Because we have a large number of Makies, we stagger the load in process so it’s smoother. You will be assigned a load-in time based on your booth number (check back closer to the show date for the load-in schedule). The designated times are for load-in only; you can take as long as you like to set up your booth, as long as you’re done by 8:00 PM. If you can’t come during your designated time slot, please let us know. There will be no set up time on Thursday morning, so make sure you complete everything on Wednesday.

Load in schedule:

Booths 100-500   12:00-1:30
Booths 501-900   1:30-3:00
Booths 901-1300   3:00-4:30
Booths 1301-1700   4:30-6:00

For the safety reasons children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the hall during set up or tear down. This includes babies in strollers or carriers. If you are travelling from out of town and have your kids with you, please make sure you arrange childcare in advance. You may use the exhibitor lounge for this purpose, but you must not leave your children in the lounge unattended; an adult must supervise your kids at all times. 

When you arrive to set up on Wednesday, November 22nd, enter the Northland grounds through the 73rd or 79th street entrance (see map below). Continue until you reach the parking kiosk, and let the booth attendant know that you've arrived for the Make It load-in; they will direct you to continue driving straight until you see Hall H. Park near the Hall H overhead door, and check in with Brigitte, or Jenna (the check-in table will be inside, near the service entrance to Hall H). We'll give you directions to your booth and a rad Makie exhibitor badge, plus a couple of extra badges for staffers if you need them. Go back outside and unload your vehicle. Once all your goods are at your booth, please return to your vehicle and move it to the exhibitor parking lot across the street (see map), and then return to the Expo Centre to finish setting up your booth. The loading area is small, and we have a lot of Makies who need to get their goods into the building, so please don't leave your vehicle in the unloading area any longer than absolutely necessary.


We will have a number of dollies available to help you unload your vehicle, but if you have a dolly of your own we recommend you bring it to speed up the process.

Accessing the Venue

Please use the exhibitor entrance to access the venue before or after show hours. You will need to present your Makie button to the security guard in order to enter the venue; if you lose your button, please obtain a new one from Jenna or Brigitte. Please do not pressure the venue to admit you without your Makie credentials -their job is to keep unauthorized people (ie anyone without a button) out of the building in order to keep all of us (and everyone's products!) safe.

You may access the hall one hour before the show opens each day, and come in and out for one hour after the show closes. If you need to access the hall outside of those hours, please let us know so that we can make the proper arrangements with the security team.

Staff Access

You can pick up extra Makie badges for your staffers when you check in on Wednesday. Your staff can access the venue with their Makie badges through the exhibitor entrance one hour before and after the show each day, or through the regular show entrance during show hours.

Floor Plan

Download a PDF of the floor plan here

Please do not share this copy of the floor plan on social media; a more appropriate version will be posted in the "Promote the Show" section of the exhibitor guide for that purpose.



N.B.: Although we try very hard not to make changes to the floor plan once it is released, it's sometimes necessary to make minor changes. Please double check your booth number a day or two before the show to ensure you've got the most up-to-date info.

Makie Booth #
A Moose In A Maple Tree 912
A Warm Pair 305
Ada's Soap Shop 1607
Adornation 116
Alice Woods Art & Design 612
Allan Milne Art 303
âme collective 505
Archive Boutique 809
Archive Magazine 1611
Arrow and Axe 511
Art by Lois 114
Art is a Verb. 108
Artist K.Treber 307
Auntie Jean's Fudge 1315
Axis Mundi Artistry 1007
Baby Snuggles 203
Bearcat and Bimbo 101
Birch Artisan Studio 910
Black Dog Bakery 1513
Blossom and Sprout Growth Charts 805
Bodycherish 104
Bro Brick 302
Brok Boys 206
BulletProof Jewelry 804
Canadian Frost (formerly Pretty Persnickity) 509
Canamaple Leather 814
Candidly Handcrafted 708
Char's Fabric Art 610
Charity's Case 1503
Charliestar Creations 1104
Chely Girls 1304
Choco-licious 1518
Cinder & Sage 301
Clayfun Creations 606
Cloud & Lolly 402
CMB Print Works 1006
co|create 506
Coal Lake Honey Farm 1516
Coconama 1412
Colleen Heidecker Pure Culinary 1213
Confetti Sweets 1212
Connorvanders & Co 1506
Courtney Rai Dawn Jewelry 1301
Courtney's Creations 105
CoutuKitsch 901
Crafty Bug Cutz 702
Daelen Forge 605
Dallas LaRose Fine Art 210
darlings of denmark 913
Deliciously Divine 1211
Dianna M. Sapara 1201
DogDog Goose : Houndmaid Goods 512
Dreams and Splinters 309
Drops of Gratitude 109
Dusty Star Creations 1206
Easy Crackin' Nut Crackers 1205
Eik Woodworking 716
El Designo 1609
Ellie Bow 502
Essentials by Nature 1002
Eve and Enoch 405
Flying Skirt Prints 1407
Forest Garden Soap & Sundry 902
Forest Nine 807
Foros Jewelry 102
Frog Alley 1404
Fruits of Sherbrooke 1410
g ceramic & co. 1612
Glass Art by Hazel Hart 815
Glass Lizard Studio 1207
Glitter & Spice 801
Gloria Ho Illustrations 205
Grandeur 812
GreenBean.ReLoved 312
Grey Ghost Nature Photography 407
Haiku Lane 1406
Hayden & Ella Handcrafted 404
Heather Lagos Designs 201
HEELERZ Gemstones 410
HelloLittles Co. (formerly Cutsie Pa Tutus) 1110
Hingston & Olsen Publishing 1613
Hobbs Photography 1608
Homelands Gourmet 1210
Honest Dumplings 1208
Hop & Flop 106
Huddy Buddies 810
Humane Animal Rescue Team 811
ilex.every.day couture 1309
ImPaper 1009
Inspyred Creations 214
J&E Specialty Crops 1314
J² Studios Photography + Craft 1008
Jackson's Gallery 1511
Jamie's Beads 710
Jeffrey Dekker Illustrations 705
Jools & Joplin 207
JRstudioworks 308
Jules + Kent Food Group 1414
Kalex Custom Carvings Ltd. 406
Kalika Jewelry Designs 1512
Karen Rhebergen 717
KIKO jewellery 1102
KOUSa 103
Later Supply Co 905
Laughing Sparrow 508
Lauren Mary Holistics 1408
Leah & Stitch 513
Leanne Spanza's Art 1011
Leopard Please 709
Lettered Glass 412
Lewis Mayhem 111
Lil' Stache 1105
Limited Addition Print 802
Little Bean + Co 808
Little Boutique 503
Love at First Blush 107
Love Plus Design 1605
Mad Love Design 1012
Made with Love by Gabrielle Ball 704
Make Your Mark 211
Mala & Me 1106
Malalily 1305
Mama Knows Luxury 718
Maple & Rose 204
MayMay & LoLo 115
Melissa Squire Fashion Design 908
MerSea Studio 306
Metal Designz Canada Inc 1610
Miizoo Baby 1603
Mini Kitchen 1209
Mini Street Kidswear 408
Mistura Timepieces 304
Moonshine Doughnuts 1313
Mumble Tease 215
My Sunshine Creations 1101
Naked Handmade Bath Products 1401
Natural Wool Knits 1003
NaturaPure 1108
No Roads Studio 607
North Birch Grove 202
North Wind Knits 1502
Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm 1107
Old's Cool Designs 1510
Ole Originals 117
Ollie Boo Jewelry By Jenn 1604
OM Organics 401
Oneberrie 707
Out Designs 712
Page Turners Bookshop 714
Paragon of Design by Skrocki 1307
piknic designs 1010
Pink Wings Endeavours Inc. 604
Pixie Glassworks 903
PLANTiful 1303
Pounded 113
Prairie Chick Prints 501
PrairieWilds 1508
Prospero Pottery 1112
Pure Living Enthusiast 608
Ragnar the Trader 1005
Rawry & Pohly Art 112
Rayna Dog Collars 212
Reflaxation 208
Reminded Designs 601
Rio Branner 1606
Rishshells 611
Rootables Chips 1514
Rowington's 1311
Rust and Pine Co. 701
Ryspot Design Inc. 1306
Sage Stone Malas and Meditations 510
Salty Dog Beard Company 715
Sarah Neville Studios 1504
Second Chance Creations 1501
Seed 409
Serendipity Body Products 504
Shannah Rose Designs 806
Shattered Image Art Studios 1004
She Does Create 1109
Shooting Starfish 514
Simply Delish Soup & Salad 1519
Six Scents: Home and Bath 1602
Slug and Kraken 310
Smithstine Copper 703
Snow Alligator 609
Sookham Singh Art 1103
South Island Pie Co 1520
Sparkle Tattoo 216
Stephanie Simpson Illustration 1505
Steven Li Photography 1013
StickFrame Photography 907
Strathcona Stockings 711
Strawberry Creek Farmhouse Soaps 110
Sweet Gi's 1413
Sweet Thea Bakery 1517
Tamara Phillips Art 602
Taste of the Okanagan 1316
Terre Ferme Pottery 403
The Happy Brain Company 1308
The Hive Candles 603
The Jewelry Rack 1203
The Lemon Square 1411
The Newget Kompany 1515
The Nut Merchant 1409
The Woofery 1509
The Woolly Wongs 1111
Thermohair Inc (ALTA) 213
Tiny Daisies Designs 1310
Tiny Treats Soap Co 813
Tracey Tomtene 209
Treibholz Designs 507
Trudy Ann's Chai & Spices 1312
Under the Sun Stained Glass & Glass Art 613
Unique Wood Products 803
Uniquely Iron 1001
Urban Baby Boutique 411
Valerie Damen 1113
Vi & Jax 911
Vintage & Varnish 909
vintagelove 904
Wallflower H&G 1507
Weyermann's Whimsey Textile and Paper Artistry 1402
While She Was Dreaming 313
White Wall Wood 1202
Wholly Mama 706
WildCotton Gift Co. 311
Wildwinds Woolies 1302
Word Girl ReinCHARMations 906
YARN & YEG 713
Ye Olde Soap Shoppe 413