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Calgary Spring 2018 Registration

Please select whether or not you are a food vendor or an artisan, and you'll be taken to the appropriate spot to book your booth:


Booth prices for the spring season are as follows:

Aisle booths
6x6 aisle $450.00
10x6 aisle $575.00
10x10 aisle $725.00
15x6 aisle $850.00
15x10 aisle $975.00
Aisle booths w/ storage
6x6 aisle w/ storage $500.00
10x6 aisle w/ storage $625.00
10x10 aisle w/ storage $775.00
15x6 aisle w/ storage $900.00
15x10 aisle w/ storage $1,025.00
Corner booths
6x6 corner $550.00
10x6 corner $675.00
10x10 corner $825.00
15x6 corner $950.00
15x10 corner $1,075.00
Corner booths w/ storage
6x6 corner w/ storage $600.00
10x6 corner w/ storage $725.00
10x10 corner w/ storage $875.00
15x6 corner w/ storage $1,000.00
15x10 corner w/ storage $1,125.00



What does the "storage" option mean?

Booths with storage have a space directly behind their rear drape that you can use to keep overstock or personal items. It runs the width of the booth and is at least 2' deep.


Can I pay my registration fee in instalments?

The Makie Portal doesn't currently support instalment plans.

Can I request a specific location on the floor plan?

If you and a fellow Makie are show buddies who cover each other for bathroom breaks etc, use the comment field at checkout to let us know and we'll do our best to place you together (pro tip: you can increase the odds we can make it happen if you both book the same booth configuration). If you have scent allergies or other physical requirements, please let us know so that we can do our best to accommodate them.

What does my booth include?

Make It booths include 8' side-and-rear white drape, one chair, and up to1500 Watts of power. If you need additional equipment (ie tables, counters, gridwall, crossbeams), you will be able to rent it directly from the show equipment supplier.